Liferay WSRP

  • Final Version: No new versions will be available for this app. Support for this app will end at the EOSL date.
  • Enterprise Subscribers Only: Find out how to get a subscription.

The Web Services for Remote Portlets (WSRP) specification defines a web service interface for accessing and interacting with interactive presentation-oriented web services in the form of portlets. Using this app, Liferay acts as a WSRP Producer, hosting portlets that will be consumed by other portal servers acting as WSRP Consumers. Liferay can also act as a WSRP Consumer, and host remote instances of portlets that exist on other portal servers that can act as a WSRP Producer.

This app will appear in your Control Panel once installed.
Liferay WSRP 3.0.0 requires the installation of the Liferay Digital Enterprise 7.0 Fix Pack 44 or higher.

Latest Changes
  • LPS-75049 Drop support for "provided" configuration in gradle-plugins-defaults and move to "compileOnly"
  • LPS-79679 SourceFormatter improvements
  • LPS-80184 Unable to use ServiceBuilder across multiple directories on the same machine

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