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Leverage Liferay Reports's easy to use and intuitive UI for creating and scheduling report generation runs. The Liferay Reports app packages a reporting engine with Jasper Reports, an excellent implementation, giving you out-of-the-box ability to upload report definitions (designed in a report designer) into Reports Admin, and run them from the Definitions tab. Generate reports manually or schedule report generation runs. Export reports to HTML, CSV, XLS, PDF, and more. Reports can be viewed in the Reports Admin application in the Control Panel, or on a page with the Reports Display application, and can also be delivered via email.

Latest Changes
  • LPS-63383 Migrate reporting portlet
  • LPS-64476 As a developer, I want to upgrade HikariCP to 2.6
  • LPS-66853 SourceFormatter Improvements
  • LPS-67352 As a developer, I would like the source formatter to integrate checkstyle
  • LPS-68044 Move reports engine to forms-and-reports app folder
  • LPS-68211 Report Display portlet fails to render on a page when jsp.precompile=on
  • LPS-68289 Fix CI test failures
  • LPS-68344 Report Admin - Unable to generate report
  • LPS-68553 Split package in portal-reports-engine-console api/service
  • LPS-68814 As a developer, I would like to test WSDD Builder on CI
  • LPS-68923 Regulate persistence calls across component boundaries
  • LPS-68925 Remote use of commons-javaflow from jasper engine module
  • LPS-68975 As a reports admin I would like to have a better visual in the application
  • LPS-68994 Report Admin does not specify error when adding definition without template
  • LPS-69070 The Name of Email From in Report Admin cannot be changed
  • LPS-69195 Fix issues related to portlet upgrade
  • LPS-69377 Correctly Permissioned Jasper Reports Not Visible In Portlet
  • LPS-69661 Stop using ***Util in modules, use service reference directly instead
  • LPS-69730 Improvement to javadoc generated by ServiceBuilder
  • LPS-69853 Recipient only gets blank email when delivering report
  • LPS-70183 Create an integration test
  • LPS-70494 Finder cache is fully cleared when new entities are created
  • LPS-70616 Cannot create a new data source
  • LPS-70985 Reports Admin portlet fails to import from lar
  • LPS-71085 Attempting to remove parameter from Definition executes a save action instead
  • LPS-71086 Report scheduled every 2 weeks is being delivered every week
  • LPS-71693 Create an app.bnd descriptor for Rules Engine
  • LPS-71925 Service Builder generates wrong integration tests if a column has "db-name" set
  • LPS-72568 "Report Admin" does not translate in the product menu
  • LPS-73178 Enforce consistency for language keys in @Meta annotations
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