Liferay Adaptive Media

Liferay Adaptive Media 1.0.0 requires the installation of the Liferay Digital Enterprise 7.0 Fix Pack 35 or higher.

The Adaptive Media app tailors media in your portal to the device consuming it. Since users often consume media on multiple devices that have different screen sizes and capabilities, you should make sure that your portal presents that media in a manner suitable for each device. For example, portal administrators can configure the Adaptive Media app to send high-res images to high-res devices, low-res images to low-res devices, and so on. This ensures that your users have the best possible experience when consuming media from your portal, regardless of the device they use.

Note that at this time, the Adaptive Media app only works with images in Documents and Media, Blogs, and Web Content.

Once installed, the Adaptive Media app appears in the Control Panel, under the Configuration menu.

In Liferay 7.1, this app is installed by default and updated through Liferay DXP Fix Packs and Liferay Portal CE GA releases. Using Liferay Marketplace to update the app on Liferay 7.1 will cause an error.

Latest Changes
  • LPS-79679 SourceFormatter improvements
  • LPS-81704 FinderCache doesn't work properly when using null values in a null convertible string column (for all cases)
  • LPS-83241 In the Japanese Locale, certain columns have very small widths, making them very awkward to read
  • LPS-83705 Avoid scanning the same paths twice in LiferayPortlet.initValidPaths()
  • LPS-84090 Apply Petra-String StringBundler to modules starting with A to H
  • LPS-84119 SourceFormatter improvements
  • LPS-84850 Unable to add more than one Japanese ID for Adaptive Media
  • LPS-84851 Corrections to Japanese localized keys in Adaptive Media
  • LPS-85296 Clean up @Component annotation
  • LPS-85611 Clean up classes with no usages
  • LPS-85966 IE11 - Cannot click drag handle of wide image in AlloyEditor
  • LPS-86105 Remove metal-cli in adaptive-media-web
  • LPS-86408 Set default Java version to 1.8 for OSGi projects
  • LPS-86413 Use Lambda Expression instead of Anonymous Inner Class when possible
  • LPS-86473 Startup error from incorrect dependency resolution
  • LPS-86762 Certain special characters will not be accepted for Adaptive Media
  • LPS-86806 Create Java Parser

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