Task Management

OMB Task Management Plugin helps administrators and individuals to do their jobs in effective and efficient ways. It improves their performance through information sharing, history tracking of tasks, and various notifications of updates which it focuses on. Using this plugin, users are able to divide their jobs into task groups, tasks, or to-dos for their specific purposes. Also, integrated features of file sharing prevent users from making miscommunication, and users can be informed on the updates of data immediately by various notification functions.

This plugin includes:

  • Task Group Portlet
  • My Task Portlet
  • Task Management Hook


  • Multi-level task structure
  • Detailed history tracking of tasks
  • Integrated file and document sharing
  • Various notifications of updates
  • Periodical notification mailing of task summary for each user
  • Mobile-friendly user interface
  • English, Korean, and Thai language pre-translated
Latest Changes
  • Resolved database compatibility issue.

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