Newsletter DXP 7.2 by ZYLK

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We present the new improved Newsletter plugin update developed by ZYLK for Liferay DXP 7.2.
The plugin is perfectly integrated on a functional level with the new features present in this version of Liferay and presents a new interface according to the new Liferay menu design to provide the best user experience.

This is a plugin created by ZYLK for Liferay that allows a newsletter system fully integrated into the portal, can include any content hosted on the portal (forum, blog, articles...) and allows to fully customize its appearance.
It is also possible to schedule the sending of the newsletters so that this process is done automatically.


Powerful template engine. The template engine is integrated into the Liferay template system, so it is possible:

It gives the opportunity to fully customize the appearance of the newsletters.
Include any portal content (blog post, forum, ...) in the newsletters.

    Subscribe/unsubscribe system (with email confirmation). Users can subscribe to the newsletters from a page created for this purpose in the portal. It is also possible to manage subscribers from the plugin's administration panel.
    I18n. The plugin is translated into several languages, and provides support for newsletter translation.
    Multi-site support. Each site can manage its own newsletters, and management can be done independently on each site.
    Programmer. Newsletters can be scheduled (daily, weekly, monthly...) to be sent automatically.
    Category management. Different categories can be managed so that users can subscribe to different topics.
    Import of users from CSV. So you can import existing users in external systems.
    Shipping history. From the Mailing (history) section you can check all the information of the emails already sent

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