Liferay Portal Security SSO NTLM

  • Final Version: No new versions will be available for this app. Support for this app will end at the EOSL date.
  • Security Enabled: This app uses Liferay's PACL Security Manager.
  • Enterprise Subscribers Only: Find out how to get a subscription.

NTLM (NT LAN Manager) is a suite of Microsoft protocols that provide authentication, integrity, and confidentiality for users. Though Microsoft has adopted Kerberos in modern versions of Windows server, NTLM is still used when authenticating to a workgroup. @product@ supports NTLM v2 authentication. NTLM v2 is more secure and has a stronger authentication process than NTLMv1.
Note: NTLM authentication is deprecated in Liferay 7.1 and may be removed in future versions. Users should migrate to Kerberos.

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