Give your developers a few more hours of sleep.

Liferay's commitment to open standards and proven technologies simplifies integration.

With the endless library of technologies that can live within an enterprise, it's hard to justify adding yet another product to the mix. That's why Liferay is committed to fitting seamlessly into any existing IT environment with a commitment to compatibility and reusability.

Liferay runs in your existing IT environment.

With support for almost every major infrastructure solution in today's market, Liferay ensures no additional budget is needed for supporting software such as application servers and databases.

Liferay complies with and helps define new industry standards.

Liferay Portal is compliant with all key industry standards (JSR-286, JSF-314, JSR-170, WSRP and JBI) and participated as a member of the "Portlet 2.0" specification committee.

Liferay uses a granular system of authorizations.

Liferay Portal has a reusable, extensible authorization architecture that is used throughout the portal and is applicable to individual portlet elements such as buttons, messages, portlets and users. Administrators can customize and control who can access sensitive information and functionality.

Enterprise application integration is made easy.

Liferay Portal's open, flexible SOA architecture allows different applications in various languages to work together easily. Liferay's ServiceBuilder automatically generates supporting classes for SOAP-based web services and JSON for Javascript-based access.

Out of the box, we offer ready integration with some of the leading open source technologies including Terracotta (scalabilty), Intalio (BPM), Mule (ESB), Pentaho (BI), and ICEFaces (dynamic UI).

Run your other applications in Liferay too.

Tools written in other popular programming languages (PHP, Ruby, Python) can run in Liferay, right along side Liferay's own applications.

Liferay helps you get social.

Liferay provides JSP tag libraries such as social bookmarks and a tagging interface that can be easily added to your custom portlets. An activity tracking API, export to Facebook, and widget / mashup support will support all your social computing needs.

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