"Business friendly" means more than cost savings.

Give management the best product with the lowest risk.

Liferay gives you the highest return on investment (ROI) at the lowest total cost of ownership (TCO).

We understand the impact that usability, interoperability, and open standards can have on an organization's processes and have designed Liferay Portal accordingly. The cost savings we offer is only secondary in importance to the value that our technology brings.

Try it risk free.

Compatibility with all major operating systems, application servers, and databases means that you can download, install and try Liferay Portal in your existing IT environment, with your existing IT staff.

Keep it for low TCO.

When you choose Liferay Portal your organization benefits from an exceptionally low total cost of ownership.

While other portals make you pay for additional features, Liferay Portal comes with over 60 tools, over 20 themes, and a number of developer tools. We provide you with as many resources as possible to accomplish whatever it is that you want to do (web publishing, collaboration, social networking, administration, etc.) at no additional cost.

Moreover, as Liferay Portal is the only enterprise portal leader on the market with no software or hardware agenda, you are not bound to using a particular IT stack and invest in only what you need for the life of your portal project.

Keep ROI high and business agile.

Liferay Portal is an investment that evolves with your organization. If you require new functionality, tools can be added with just a few clicks: A company intranet built on Liferay Portal can, for example, be easily evolved into an extranet that reaches outside partners. An organization powering a website with Liferay Portal can easily add social features to capitalize on the power of its online community.


Gain the most business flexibility.

Liferay Portal is offered under an open source license (for the Community Edition) as well as a business-friendly commercial license with a Liferay Portal Enterprise Subscription.

Stay secure.

Liferay Portal uses industry standard, government-grade encryption technologies, so you can always be confident in the security of your data. Log in once to access all your files. Varying layers of security with customized access to sensitive information also lets you control who sees what.

From investment banks to the Department of Defense and other government agencies, Liferay Portal is a trusted solution that keeps confidential information safe.

Ensure long term viability.

Liferay Portal promises business security and long term viability that surpasses that of the competition.

While commercial products can dissolve and change at the whim of investors or high level business decisions, open source products thrive as long as there is a community surrounding it.

Liferay Portal is in its eleventh year of development and has an active, international community that continues to develop and push the product forward. The community also reassures you that Liferay Portal will not stay stagnant but will continue to evolve with ideas and contributions that speak to the needs of a diverse audience of both business and technical users.

Moreover, unlike many open source projects, Liferay Portal is backed by a stable and profitable global company with year-on-year revenue growth and a roster of talented developers that are fully dedicated to the product's ongoing development and innovation.

If you need help with your portal solution, support, consulting and training are provided by this same core team that work on the product day in and day out.