Liferay DXP / 7 integration with Vert.x ( Eclipse Vert.x is a tool-kit for building reactive applications on the JVM.
Social Graph 2.0 provides an overview of your business network. Recognize relationships and benefit from instant access and direct
After three years of development, LIMS is the best communication tool for your Liferay portal. Add a modern instant messaging experience to
OMB Event is the plugin which allows administrators to manage and display events. The site administrator can see view count on each event,
OMB Photo is the plugin which displays events or messages in photo gallery style. It also allows users to read threads and leave comments to
OMB Webzine is the portlet which displays news or messages in the web magazine style. It allows users to read threads and leave comments to
OMB Partner is the plugin which allows administrators to display partners' information and manage partner categories. Users can view
OMB News Plugin is the plugin allowing users to read and write news or messages for their sites, and to leave comments to them. This plugin
Contact Manager is a plugin which will allow you to easily and efficiently organize your contacts list. Create new contacts, import from
After three years of development, LIMS is the best communication tool for your Liferay portal. Add a modern instant messaging experience to
Social Login for Liferay is a plugin which allows you to bring to your portal the most known social network logins. Engage users to your web
The Private Messaging app allows you to send email-like messages to other users within the portal. Providing a similar interface to that of
The Invitation app lets you send an invitation to a list of email addresses.
The Tweed Twitter Timeline plugin portlet allows you to display a fully-rendered user timeline for a specified public Twitter account. The
E-Learning application:
- Online courses management
- TinCan API (Experience Api) ecosystem
- Connection with a Learning Record Store (LRS)
Memory/Vision is a classic memory game also known as memory match. The main objective of this game is to improve visual short-time memory
Suggestion Box is an app that allows portal users to send any type of suggestion (e.g: feedback, complains, ideas, bugs in the portal, etc)
The Liferay Collaboration suite provides applications and features that help users share ideas, implement them, and produce terrific
Location Finder is liferay portlet plugin used to show the map location which we can upload through the csv file from the control panel.
The idea behind this project is to transform liferay in an IoT Technologies manager exploiting its core functionalities such as message bus
This application makes it easy to communicate with the operators through online chat.
You can configure a set of users how operators, these
stickyNotes is a portlet developed to liferay portal 6.2 that allow us to have a dashboard to post sticky notes, and it can be located
Vimeo Channel portlet was developed by XTIVIA, the 2012, 2013 & 2014 Liferay North America Partner of the Year. Vimeo Channel portlet makes
Create embedded timelines of your twitter profile in your Liferay Portal in a compact, single column view to your end users. The Twitter
Now personalize your LinkedIn profile within your Liferay website using the LinkedIn Portlet. Connect the LinkedIn profiles of your Board
Show how your customers are enjoying/using your service/product on your website. Instafeed allows you to integrate Instagram with Liferay,
Feedback portlet will be used for collecting the feedback from visitors of the site.
This feature may be used to collect feedback site wise
This is a send mobile sms from our custom liferay portlet
With a valid SoundCloud username a user is able to configure the soundcloud display portlet to show tracks and playlists specific to the
This portlet makes it easy to embed the list of posts/photo of a facebook page into Liferay pages.
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