News Board

OMB News Plugin is the plugin allowing users to read and write news or messages for their sites, and to leave comments to them. This plugin consists of three portlets: News Administration, News, and Mini News. News Administration on Control Panel manages bulletin boards with numerous options. Mini News provides the widget to collect the specified number of recent news to provide the simplied view. And News is the main portlet for news bulletin boards.

Configurable Options:

  • Multi-level categories
  • Initial page and color scheme of board
  • Sticky, secret and anonymous messages
  • New and hot messages
  • Web editor for message body
  • File count, size, extensions
  • Comment configuration
  • Mailing on adding messages and comments
  • Items to display on View, Detail, and comment pages
  • Model-level permission

  • Fully responsive
  • Using Liferay file store
  • English, Korean, and Thai language pre-translated
Latest Changes
  • Add more functions to sending emails
  • Configurable to send HTML-formatted contents to multiple recipients
  • Mini News can be configured for Private Pages
  • Add social media Share buttons

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