TinfoDoc Plus

TinfoDoc Plus

It's a collaborative tool for managing emails and all the different documental flows. It organizes, speeds up and certifies any kind of document flows through an integrated client email easy to use in any different informatic architecture.
It allows you to:
• assign and take charge of the documents;
• create files full of data and functions to manage the activity with multilevel visibility and access;
• See every upgrade related with any documents, attachments and files sharing them in the working team;
• Attach files in 3 different ways: from the disc (if you're on pc), from folder (if there is already a copy of the document) and from Liferay® MediaLibrary;
• easy access to documents on different media (smartphone, tablet, pc);
• comment on documents / email, allowing a better activity planning, eliminating the internal email flow.
• create shared internal documents;
• include personal reminders, in order to create personal deadlines;
• do textual researches on the email and all the internal attachments (doc, pdf, odt, pptx, ppt, docx, etc);
• customize the signature's format of the email and manage different signatures in relation to the company’s roles;
• do research that permit you to cross-searching in all the company’s document with no limits to documents, attachments, files and so on…
• view documents in the file with the header of the messages even if they are not assigned to the researchers (it displays only "object", sender, recipient, and date).
To sum up: TinfoDOC© lowers up to 70% of the time taken for processing and sorting of the emails, it makes easier the work and the collaborative internal process to the benefit of business productivity.

Click: https://www.tinfo.it/tinfodoc-gestione-flussi

Windows, Tomcat 7, Liferay 6.2
The package size of the plugin is >3MB this is due to the following liferay issue:
If you install the plugin in a clean standard Liferay instance and then try to install the plugin with the marketplace portlet, the setup can fail without notices. To solve the problem follow the workaround suggested in the Liferay issue page above.

How to install TinfoDoc on your Liferay CMS

Latest Changes

+++ Document Dashboard +++

  • User and Organizations can be choosen as mail recipient
  • Graphic revision of Take in charge, Advanced search and Accesses
  • Complexity indicator in mail subject
  • Adobe Portfolio PDF creation
  • Configurable Mail templates
  • Categories on documents can be configured to appear in document list
  • More buttons on multiple actions in document list
  • Integrated visualization for PDF attachments
  • Documents assignment to other users
  • Improved IMAP integration
  • Group of recipients

+++ Folders +++

  • Graphic review of folder details
  • Tree view on folder navigation

+++ External Address Book +++

  • Added field "Web site" on External Person
  • Added comments on both External Person an External Organization
  • External Person Roles configurable using categories
  • Archived state for contacts

+++ Address Book Navigator +++

  • Mail creation directly from selected anagraphic record
  • Added information in list (for example: role)

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