JavaMelody Monitoring

Monitoring of a Liferay server with JavaMelody
Online demo:
To install or upgrade:

Latest Changes
  • fix html page truncated when using Real User Monitoring with the javamelody parameter rum-enabled and when the content length of the reponse is set (PR 964, thanks to Craig Andrews).
  • added thousand separator for numbers in the MBeans report (PR 979, thanks to Fabio Boldrini).
  • added new javamelody parameter datadog-api-host for specifying Datadog base API host such as ( by default, see doc, PR 971, thanks to Michal Kebrt).
  • added new javamelody parameter statsd-prefix for the prefix of the metric names in StatsD ( by default and where context and host gets replaced by the actual values, see doc, PR 970, thanks to Michal Kebrt).
  • added Dutch translations (language "nl", 1972369, thanks to Joris)
  • added Chinese traditional (Taïwan) translations, (language "zh-TW", 63dd373, thanks to Jack)
  • updated Czech translations, (language "cs", 4cee901, thanks to Kamil Steinbach)
  • To contribute in your own language, join the translation project at

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