Dynamic Layout creation

Dear Liferay Falks,

We understand the pain of creating new layout, copying and pasting files to create layouts.
But what if there is any mechanism that we just need to add numbers of column and it will give you source code for liferay layout. If it is then its just WOW...!!!

Yes, my friends, we come up with the solution called "Dynamic Layout Generator", in which,

  • give the layout name
  • provide the cloumn you want in each row
  • add/remove rows
  • newly generated layout is responsive..YES IT IS RESPONSIVE.. you read right in first time :D
  • this portlet works on bootstrap footsteps
  • for example in bootstrap it work in 12 column layout. If you want 3 column layout than you need to add "4 4 4" ( "444" is wrong - space needed between each digit) and click on generate which will create source code for your layout
  • can add multiple rows and columns
  • Generate layout button will not be active till total sum of number entered for column will be 12 as bootstrap.

Please download and make your life easy.
Now you people know dynamic layout is available so use it, save your time.

Have a happy development.

Team ScalSys

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