MapIt Now - OpenStreetMap Search

IMPORTANT: This plugin work only if you have installed mapit now (

Mapit Now web site(examples, manual and faq):

Mapit Now configuration:

OpenStreetMap Search is a plugin for MapIt Now.

Thi plugin use open nomination server.

The search is made by client using javascript.

To enable it after installation you have to open the "portlet configuration" and add it to the enabled plugin.

This plugin allows to use OSM text search and to view the results of the search into the map.

  • free text search;
  • results grid configurable position (top or bottom);
  • search box configurable position (top or bottom);
  • possibility to enable cookie to save last search and to visualize it on page refresh;
  • configurable size and type icons;

This plugin have portlet configuration only.

Latest Changes
  • api improvement

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