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MapIt Now is the rewritten version of MapIt 6.1 plugin.
This plugin allows to geolocate asset entries and to view/interact them into a map.

MapIt Now use OpenLayers library and is realized as a standard AlloyUI/Liferay javascript component.
Unlike the previous version (MapIt 6.1) is possible to use multiple maps inside the same page (no iframe) with different configurations and layers; custom fields are created or removed by the portal portlet configuration for each asset (portal and custom).

MapIt Now Plugins
There are and there will be a set of MapIt Plugins in the Marketplace that add a new features by interacting to this plugin.; these plugins are hot deployable and auto-reconignezed by this plugin.

  • standard AlloyUI/Liferay javascript component;
  • search indexed assets (only asset with Indexer);
  • auto-create custom fields by portal configuration.
  • popup contains the details of clicked asset entry.
  • configurable map type (OpenStreeMap, GoogleMap, Bing, ...);
  • configurable center and size map;
  • configurable persist state of the map;
  • configurable controls of the map;
  • configurable assets to view into the map;
  • configurable MapIt Plugins to enable;
  • portal, site and portlet MapIt Plugins configuration;

Stay Tuned about the latest news from our website.

Latest Changes
  • api improvement;
  • fixed error about oracle table name size.

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