The Announcer allows an administrator to configure a set of articles that will be presented to a user on visit in a modal panel. The Announcer has some intelligence built into it as to when it should reappear. The Announcer can be used for various purposes such as for announcement and orientation of new features when a user visits a site or page.

The Announcer contains a set of articles to be shown to the user after login.

Articles will be displayed to the user once per day or when the administrator updates the articles list such as, add an article or reorder the list of articles. The behavior of this app also depends on the user's action.

When the modal panel (pop up) is displayed the user will have two choices:

Close the pop up with the 'x' button without completing the list of articles. When the user chooses to close the Announcer with this option, it will be displayed again on the next visit to page if at least 24 hours had gone by.
Go through the articles using the 'Previous', 'Next' buttons. Once the user lands on the last article a 'Close' button will be shown on the bottom - right corner. When the user chooses to close the Announcer with this option, it will not show up anymore unless the administrator updates the content.

In the page where the Announcer is included the user will be able to see an article selected by the administrator as the presentation article (default article). Initially empty, until a default article is chosen. On a successful login, the user will be shown a button 'Launch' on the bottom-left corner to trigger Announcer.

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