MailUp Plugin

MailUp is the complete email delivery solution. It combines advanced email campaign management and marketing automation tools (triggered messages, dynamic content, A/B testing, etc) with a SMTP relay service, and plugins for ecommerce, CRM, and more.
1. A complete solution for all your email needs: newsletters, promotions, triggered messages, transactional emails
2. Many advanced email marketing features packaged with unique Pay Per Speed pricing, which provides substantial savings
3. Available Deliverability Consulting services to ensure that your messages get there

Connection plugin for MailUp

ADMIN plugin:
  • Manage MailUp groups.
  • Import Liferay user into MailUp groups.
  • Import recipients from csv into MailUp groups.
  • Let the guest user subscribe to your MailUp group.
  • Customizable according to your needs

Integration with Liferay permission system.

Latest Changes
  • add english language to plugin
  • add registration key

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