Willkommen in Liferays Community! Dies ist der Ort an dem Liferays Open Source Community ihr Wissen teilt, gemeinsam neue Ideen und Features entwickelt und wo Arbeitsbeziehungen entstehen.


Für diejenigen, die schnell mit Liferay anfangen möchten, gibt es unseren quick start guide. Dieses Schritt-für-Schritt Tutorial beantwortet grundlegende Fragen, wo sie weitere Downloads finden können und was zu tun ist, nachdem Sie Liferay Portal heruntergeladen haben. Lesen Sie weiter, um mehr über Liferays Community zu erfahren und darüber wie sich Liferay von Anderen abhebt!

The Basics

You heard about Liferay, the world's leading source portal, and decided to give it a test drive.  Congratulations!  You are joining the thousands of others that work with Liferay on a daily basis, delivering complete web solutions for companies and organizations large and small.  For some introductory material on getting started with Liferay's award-winning software, visit the following links:

The goal of the community is the ongoing growth and support of Liferay's mission to deliver an open source, enterprise class web interaction framework.

The Liferay Community

Liferay's community is spread worldwide, with members in virtually every timezone, and in over 60 countries.  It is anchored by the Liferay Portal Community Edition software platform, on which companies and organizations build their web presence.  With over 30,000 members, it is one of the largest open source communities in the world, and represents an awesome resource to collaborate with, get help, and contribute to. 

There are many ways to participate in the Liferay community.  This includes, but is not limited to, participating in roadmap discussions, reporting bugs, suggesting improvements, answering questions, writing documentation, giving talks, working on standards, starting new user groups, connecting with others to share ideas, and other vital tasks necessary in a healthy community.  If you want to volunteer for talks (esp. on Liferay LIVE) please do!  If you are participating in a Liferay User Group or any forum, We'd love to know about it.

To get started, check out the community participation page and get to work!