Tap into the Liferay Community through the sharing of knowledge.

You and the Community

You've been using Liferay for a while now, you've come across an issue and want to talk to someone about it. Perhaps there's a feature you feel is missing. Or, you think you've found a bug. Perhaps you just want to ask a simple question.

Collaborating with the Liferay community is the best way to get the help you need, and to help future members who may be in your same shoes one day. The Liferay community site makes it easy to collaborate with others on the Liferay platform.

To get the most value out of your participation, and to enable you to post questions on the forum, edit wiki pages, or establish your profile page, you will need to register for a account (it's free!).  Click the Register link at top of this page to set up your account, and then read below for details on the various avenues you have at your disposal.

You can also contact Liferay's Community Manager, Jamie Sammons (, for more information on how to get the most out of our community.

  • Community Forum - The community forum is usually the first place new community members visit.  It is very active (150+ messages per day). Before you can post on our forum, you must register for a new account (it's free!).  Once registered and logged in, when you visit the forums, you'll see a "Post New Thread" link.  Make sure to read the FAQ on posting new questions!
  • Blogs - Community members often write useful and timely posts regarding virtually anything related to Liferay.  You can also subscribe to the blogs via its RSS feed.
  • Wiki - A collaboration whiteboard for the community.  The wiki has grown from an unstructured collection of documents to a more categorized (but not hierarchical) system, thanks to community member efforts.  Searching will often get you the information you need.
  • IRC - A realtime chat room for the Liferay community.  Prominent and active community members hang out here, and lively discussions around your issues are a step away.  Liferay's IRC channel is hosted by Freenode and is named #liferay. Connect with your favorite IRC client (mIRC, Colloquy, Adium), or use Freenode's web-based solution.
  • Liferay LIVE - Every week, the community comes together for a real-time video web session, to focus on a particular topic revolving around Liferay.  Please check the schedule, register (it's free!), and join up for the session.
  • Events - Worldwide, Liferay and its community hosts numerous events throughout the year.  Attend a User Group, Roadshow, Symposium, or Industry Event where Liferay is attending.  See the Event Calendar for more details.  If there is an event in your area, come out and have fun with us, we'd love to see you there!
  • Issues - Liferay is developed by the community through a modern, flexible software development process.  One of the elements of that process is the tracking bugs and new features through the JIRA issue tracking system.  If you've run into an issue with your Liferay, this is the place to be to report issues, and track them through to completion.  Be sure to read the JIRA Introduction.
  • User Groups - Hundreds of community members around the world meet to discuss Liferay technology throughout the year. These Community-led Events have played an integral part in our global adoption and we hope to support them as best we can.

Collaborating with and contributing to the broader Liferay community is an excellent way to meet new people, keep your professional skills sharp, and give a little back.  See you out there!