Community Security Team

The Liferay Community Security Team is an all-volunteer group of community members who manage security issues related to Liferay Portal.

The Liferay Community Security Team pages have moved to the Liferay Developer Network - Community Security Team. Please update your bookmarks, as this page will eventually be removed.

Education and Outreach

In addition to its primary role related to specific security issues, the CST is also chartered with education on security matters, to prevent issues from occurring in the first place. The CST may also:

  • Recruit potential CST members based on their track record within the Liferay or related open source communities.
  • Attend Liferay or other company/industry events, holding sessions related to the CST and its activities.
  • Hold regular live or recorded webinars, or produce documentation to educate the community and its developers on security best practices and other related topics.
  • Work within the Liferay project to improve its architecture in the areas of security.
  • Get involved with Liferay's release process, to provide security-focused testing of full CE releases before they are generally available.