Live Sessions

Live streaming of technical topics for Liferay Developers

What is

Liferay's open source community is made up of a world wide and diverse set of members, and a lot of developers are using Liferay to build some awesome stuff. explores Liferay Development with focused online sessions featuring unique and interactive hands-on coding session with a small, focused goal that participants can definitely finish in the time allotted, or simply watch and soak it in.

Think of it like a mini-"workshop/hacking session" with a small, well-defined goal. We use a variety of collab software to connect people together, along with interaction features like a dedicated IRC chat room, online collaborative coding whiteboards, Q&A and more.

We are all stuck behind a monitor and keyboard most of the day, so this gives those with something to share a chance to "get out there" and get more personal with you, our community, and meet and engage with others in the world of Liferay and teach small things that can lead to larger things later on.

What to expect at a session

Each session is lead by an experienced Liferay developer, with a focused goal of leading you and others in our community through a specific development project with Liferay. Sessions last from 45 to 90 minutes, and community members should be able to reach the goal set out at the beginning by the end of the session.

Session leaders will use a variety of collaboration tools, such as:

In addition, since sessions are about Liferay development, typical tools used in a development environment will be used, such as:

Developers wishing to participate in sessions should check the Upcoming Sessions page to learn specifically which tools you may need, but in general a basic Liferay development environment is a good place to start. If you can develop and deploy a portlet, you're good to go!

How to get the most from your participation

  • Watch the calendar to learn of upcoming sessions in which you are interested.
  • When there is a session you're interested in, check the Upcoming Sessions page a few days before the session to ensure you have the proper software and developer setup (if required) and read any materials that will help you during the session.
  • Be sure to be in the IRC room (#liferay-dev-life on FreeNode) during the session - session leaders will actively monitor for questions and other interaction. If you do not have a favorite IRC client, you can use the in-browser chat room on the home page.
  • Ask questions via IRC, Google+, or other collaboration software that may be in use during the session!
  • Plan to stay for the entire session - usually sessions are no longer than 1 hour, and have a definite goal that you should keep in mind when following along.
  • If you have follow-up questions, a forum thread will be created for each session to which you can post your question. Session leaders will follow up after the session on that thread. You can find links to these threads on the Previous Sessions page.
  • Have fun!