Liferay BugSquad

A community-driven project team with the goal of improving the usability and functionality of Liferay.

BugSquad Tee Shirts - The Finalists

This page contains the final tee shirt designs for Liferay BugSquad.  These designs have been carefully crafted by our community members. Each design has been scaled down to 400px wide for this page. Full size representations of each design can be found in this thread.  

Instructions for Voting

EACH COMMUNITY MEMBER GETS 1 VOTE.  Unlike the first round, here there is only one poll and one vote per community member.  You must be logged in to vote.

This vote ends at Midnight, December 23, Pacific Standard Time.

Good luck to all of our awesome designers!

Design 9: Strangle 1

Design 7: No Bugs Logo

Design 29: Black Flag Corps

Design 30: White Flag Corps

Design 31: POW!

BugSquad Tee Shirt Final Round

Choose the best design!
% Votes
4% 4
a. Design 9: Strangle 1
29% 31
b. Design 7: No Bugs Logo
9% 10
c. Design 29: Black Flag Corps
31% 33
d. Design 30: White Flag Corps
26% 28
e. Design 31: POW!

Total Votes: 106

Voting is disabled because this poll expired on 12/23/11 8:59 PM.