This community project is a small bridge between Spring and OSGi.

What is Arkadiko?


Given the vast number of Spring-based projects and the most recent up-surge in the desire to benefit from OSGi's dynamic modularity it has become clear that there is a understandable difficulty in moving projects of any complexity to OSGi from a pure Spring architecture. The issue is that there are some design changes that must be made in moving traditional java applications, including Spring based ones, to OSGi. OSGi has a puritanical solution to a vast number of problems caused by the traditional architectures, but in order to gain from those solutions a considerable amount of redesign has to be done.
Arkadiko is an attempt to provide an new migration option, and borrows ideas from both of the above and tries to marry into those the concept of "quick wins" (such as immediate access to OSGi features) and "time to evolve".

Goals and Benefits

  • Giving Developers immediate access to features of OSGi with very little risk to existing systems (allowing for an evolutionary transition to full OSGi)
  • Exporting Liferay services and utilities into the OSGi Framework with next to zero effort

Project Leads

Ray Augé

Project Founder & Coordinator, Sr. Software Architect, Liferay

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