The CRESO SRL is part of a larger reality that is the "GRUPPO APRA INFORMATICA" which has over 30 years of history and successes, a turnover of 22 million euros , a staff of over 250 employees (170 in the head office in Jesi) distributed in the branches of Jesi – Pesaro – Cesena – Modena – Padova – Bari , over 2000 customers including approximately 600 manufacturing companies (metalworking, furniture, textile), 300 distribution companies, 400 professional offices and over 300 local government agencies (P.A.L.). Apra is also one of the founders of VarGroup, one of the most important ICT reality of the Italian market, with which he has made since 2011, a series of services related to cloud computing and named "My Cloud Network." It is not a simple infrastructure provider but a facilitator for the development of solutions "in the cloud". The staff, composed mainly by technical/system personnel , is currently dedicated to: • planning and implementation of infrastructure projects in Networking, Storage and Communication sector • HW, SW supply , technical and system support • design, installation and Information System service in Public and Local Administration • Customer / Professional Studies • General service area • Staff training and teaching of specialized courses • Web Agency services and Internet Provider .
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