CONNECTIS, has become a part of GETRONICS, the leading global provider of ICT services. This new group, adding their own local presence plus an extensive network of international partners, make Getronics Workspace Alliance (GWA) Our international network of specialists and our focused solutions allow us to offer our clients a wide range of consulting technological alternatives, and products that we show in this chart, segmented by lines of business. We have end to end solutions, both in the field of infrastructure and software and solutions. The Connectis – Getronics offer includes a wide range of services and solutions in the ICT world. With permanent renovation and a constant search to improve our offers. Based on world well known products, with professionals of experience and engagement in services quality, we always give an additional value added to our clients. Our specialists in each of the areas represented in this chart are waiting for your contact hereby to advice you, with the purpose of finding the best alternative to enhance your business.
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