Liferay IDE adapt to Oxygen

General Blogs August 3, 2017 By Andy Wu

    Hey all, I would like to let everyone know that Liferay IDE which bundles Buildship 2.1.1 can be installed into Eclipse Oxygen(4.7) now.

    We released 3.1.0 ga1 about two weeks ago. But it can’t be installed into Oxygen cause we bundle Buildship 1.0.x with IDE, but Oxygen bundles Buildship 2.0.x. These days, we were waiting for Buildship releasing 2.1.x which includes a necessary feature that we need. And everything goes well, they released the 2.1.x and we bundled it. In a word,  IDE 3.1.1 will be released very soon.

   Also we adjusted the category of IDE and make Buildship 2.1.1 a top level feature. You will need to check all categories when installing IDE from update site. See the following image.


If you have any issue or feature request, please connect us via slack liferay community ide channel or post on community forums.

Liferay IDE 3.1 Milestone 2 Released

Company Blogs February 16, 2017 By Andy Wu

Hi all,

We are happy to say that we have the new milestone for Liferay IDE 3.1 released as described in section Updates and Feedback in Liferay IDE 3.1 Milestone 1 Released.

Go to to install the updatesite.

If you want to download full Eclipse Neon bundled with Liferay IDE, just go to this page.

The only one obvious feature in milestone is Maven Support In Code Update Tool.

You can put your 6.2 maven root project path in the second page in Code Update Tool, and click “Import Projects” button.

And there is a new page called “Upgrade POM Files” added as the third page. Also we moved the “Find Breaking Changes” page before “Update Descriptor Files” page.

In the third page, you can search all pom.xml files in current Eclipse workspace and preview the changes Code Upgrade Tool is going the make and then either upgrade them one by one or all at once.  Be sure to double click the file to see what changes are going to be made by the tool.  



There are few more features added.

Add ability to customize bundle URL when importing a Liferay Workspace Project

Deploy Error Tooltip on Liferay Server


When some project build error after some changes, hover on the server, you can see the detail information of the error.


Next Release

Our next release version will be 3.1 m3 and will come up with more helpful features, e.g. maven type liferay workspace support, new JSF portlet wizard, migrate legacy service builder project, source lookup fixing in  Liferay 7x Server Launches.

Please goto community forums if you have any questions. We will try our best to help.

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