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Radio Liferay Episode 60: Performance and Permissions with Preston Crary

  An episode on the "Per" things: Performance and Permissions. I spoke to Preston Crary, who amazingly was not mad at me for losing an earlier recording.

We're talking about these (and more) topics

  • We open with the attention to detail that's required for working on performance tuning and some short conversation about this topic.
  • Sadly, there's not often a single silver bullet, but many areas of dust.
  • Sometimes the fastest code is not the most optimal
  • Continuing with Preston's work on Permissions:
  • ResourceBlock is deprecated, and there's an easy migration path
  • The usecase for Resources, ResourcePermission, and ResourceBlocks (as they're not at all visible on the UI)
  • Preston's way through Liferay from Support to working on the topics that he's now working on
  • The new API for Permissions - and the documentation is also done already (as of me writing this article, not yet published, but available on github - should be a matter of days or hours)
  • Should you implement your own permission system? (and how the answer to this question might change in 7.1)
  • Upgrades are being performance tuned. I smell a future episode coming up. Paging the team that is working on this area
  • The remarkable memory savings that refactoring the UserBag introduced
  • What happend during login
  • Passwords are PBKDF2WithHmacSHA1/160/128000 hashed, a deliberately expensive password hashing algorithm.
  • LPS-75747 and an update to my hardball question: Document Library's default.xml is still in core, can't be updated through a module, just through an ext.

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