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Radio Liferay Episode 60: Performance and Permissions with Preston Crary

  An episode on the "Per" things: Performance and Permissions. I spoke to Preston Crary, who amazingly was not mad at me for losing an earlier recording.

We're talking about these (and more) topics

  • We open with the attention to detail that's required for working on performance tuning and some short conversation about this topic.
  • Sadly, there's not often a single silver bullet, but many areas of dust.
  • Sometimes the fastest code is not the most optimal
  • Continuing with Preston's work on Permissions:
  • ResourceBlock is deprecated, and there's an easy migration path
  • The usecase for Resources, ResourcePermission, and ResourceBlocks (as they're not at all visible on the UI)
  • Preston's way through Liferay from Support to working on the topics that he's now working on
  • The new API for Permissions - and the documentation is also done already (as of me writing this article, not yet published, but available on github - should be a matter of days or hours)
  • Should you implement your own permission system? (and how the answer to this question might change in 7.1)
  • Upgrades are being performance tuned. I smell a future episode coming up. Paging the team that is working on this area
  • The remarkable memory savings that refactoring the UserBag introduced
  • What happend during login
  • Passwords are PBKDF2WithHmacSHA1/160/128000 hashed, a deliberately expensive password hashing algorithm.
  • LPS-75747 and an update to my hardball question: Document Library's default.xml is still in core, can't be updated through a module, just through an ext.

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Whoops, sorry - Something went wrong in the... Olaf Kock April 3, 2018 1:05 AM

Clicked the link to and Chrome warned me about invalid cert...
Posted on 3/28/18 8:37 PM.
Whoops, sorry - Something went wrong in the reconfiguration of that server. Non-https works for now, it's just a forwarder to anyways...
Thanks for letting me know
Posted on 4/3/18 1:05 AM in reply to Dante Wang.

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Radio Liferay Episode 39: Liferay Cloud Services

 \o/ Radio Liferay is back. A while ago I talked with Juan Fernandez and Ivica Čardić about an exciting project they're collaborating on: Liferay Cloud Services. "What's this?" you ask? Well, good that you're asking, because here's the explanation. It's all about helping you monitor the health of your Liferay Installation, keeping an eye on the installed fixpacks (if you're using EE) or showing you some monitoring information that the server provides and you'd otherwise risk not to see.

(The episode is prefixed with a PSA for all Radio Liferay Listeners: The CfP for Devcon2014 is still open until 22. Aug 2014) and if you intend to come to the unconference on 4. Nov., make sure to register early: We have limited space and already predict that we'll sell out the unconference - there are enough seats available for the regular DevCon)

Juan is a project manager on this very project, working in Spain. Ivica is Senior Software Engineer, implementing LCS with the engineering team (Marko Čikoš and Igor Bešlić) in Croatia. I delayed publishing this episode to wait for the end of the private beta (you couldn't join anyway) until the public beta is just about to start.

We talked about

  • How LCS got started and what problems it solves (this is work in progress, designed for constantly added functionality)
  • (among the current information shown are things like: Performance metrics on JVM- and portal/portlet level, Fixpack information (EE only) and -installation.
  • The public beta is just around the corner (estimated in September). Test results from the private beta are in and lots of feature requests implemented (I can certify on that - some of them are mine)
  • Intended new features, to be added over time
  • New target audiences (currently it's largely system administrators, but content managers, e.g. for content targetting statistics, could be a possible future extension)
  • For the nerds, we talked about how LCS is implemented under the hood, and the mechanics of targetting Liferay 6.1 and 6.2 at the same time.
  • ...and others - but listen yourself...

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Again, shoutout and big thank you to Auphonic for postproduction help. This is a fantastic service!

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Hello Olaf, in the episode you talked about... Dominik Marks August 20, 2014 12:57 AM
I think I missed mentioning that the private... Olaf Kock August 20, 2014 1:43 AM

Hello Olaf,

in the episode you talked about that the Liferay Cloud Services would go into public beta by the end of june. However they are still not accessible for public. Do you have any new dates when it will be available?

Another question: You talked about that you were doing some performance / load tests with your Liferay servers. Can you tell us which tools you used to do your load and performance tests?
Posted on 8/20/14 12:57 AM.
I think I missed mentioning that the private beta was extended, thus the public beta got delayed as well. Last I heard was "beginning of September" as the time to start the public beta: They're currently adding features and provisioning, so that the rush of new participants can easily be handled.

I used JMeter for the tests. As it was used to demonstrate tuning, not to optimize actual performance, I deliberately created a slow portal, that would break even under low load (e.g. portlets with long rendering times etc.)

The result/procedure/aspects of the performance test has been presented at the french symposium, you can find the material there: . Typically we'd use grinder for load tests, but JMeter is more visual, and it's easier to explain JMeter UI in a presentation than python code. You can also find screenshots of the Cloud-Services private beta features there.
Posted on 8/20/14 1:43 AM in reply to Dominik Marks.