Liferay Connected Services Client

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The Liferay Connected Services app connects your Liferay instance to Liferay Connected Services (LCS). LCS is an online service that offers fix pack management, server metrics, Liferay subscription management, and more. LCS provides single-click download and install of fix packs, even across a cluster. The server metrics service provides information on how your Liferay instance is running. This includes data on pages, portlets, memory usage, JVM performance, and more. Note that the fix pack and subscription management features require an active Liferay subscription.

In order to offer the best service possible, we store the following information about your servers on the LCS servers: patches installed on each server, (except sensitive data), JVM metrics, portal and portlet metrics, cache and server metrics. Sensitive data is defined as any key-value pair containing usernames or passwords.

This app will appear in your Control Panel once installed.

Liferay Connected Services Client requires the installation of the Liferay Portal 6.2 EE SP15+.

Últimas Mudanças
  • CLDSVCS-3019 Unregister server action may result in fake subscription errors or immediate re-registration
  • CLDSVCS-3045 When using JBoss exception occurs instead of giving relevant information about the problem
  • CLDSVCS-3075 LCS Client does not start automatic reconnection if LCS Gateway replies with status 403 forbidden
  • CLDSVCS-3085 LCS Client may put fake errors in logs if reconnection starts before signoff from LCS Platform is compete
  • CLDSVCS-3094 Update petra-json-web-service-client to fix jackson-databind vulnerability, demanded by LPS-76666

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