Hosting Partners

Liferay Hosting Partners provide a managed infrastructure for Liferay users who require a scalable and reliable environment for their portal solution.


Firelay is Liferay managed hosting for business critical portals. With our expertise, 24x7 monitoring and dedication we ensure high performance, stability and security. We offer tailored solutions on ISO27001 certified infrastructure in the Netherlands, On-Premises or Platform as a Service and our services cover the full stack.

From designing a cost-effective setup to assisting developers with release deployments, a DTAP street and continuous integration, all our efforts are fueling your portal. Using automation we install and maintain your hosting configuration to ensure lasting Liferay Portals with stellar performance.

Our team is standing by 24x7 to support you via email or phone. Backups, regular updates and immediate application of released security patches and continuous system hardening, keep your portal and data safe.

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Don't settle for commodity hosting and no application support from a generic cloud provider. Omegabit is the most experienced Certified Liferay Hosting Partner and the best option for your Liferay operations and support needs.

  • Liferay Certified management, security, optimization, and technical support
    • Fastest Liferay optimized cloud infrastructure available
  • Support by Liferay experts who have direct experience with your portal
  • 24x7x365 monitoring and response
  • World-class datacenters designed for speed, security, and resilience
    • SOC-2 certified, PCI compliant facilities and operations
    • A complement to any Liferay developer/management team or project

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