Liferay Portal Community Edition Apps

Thank you for your interest in this Liferay App!

This is a Liferay Portal Community Edition (CE) app, offered by Liferay. Resources for users of this CE app include:
  • Free use of the Liferay Developer's Website
  • Access to and participation in Liferay Community Forums
  • Access to Liferay's Wikis and Blogs
  • Access to Liferay's public JIRA tickets
This app is also available in an Enterprise Edition (EE) version that offers additional support under Liferay's Enterprise Subscription and Support agreement. As part of the Liferay Digital Experience Platform and its suite of applications, support for the EE version of this app includes:
  • Liferay Help Center for access to documentation, knowledge base, and other resources.
  • Liferay Help Center ticketing system for Platinum and Gold subscribers, with worldwide Liferay Subscription Services assistance for app installation, launch, and recovery. 
  • Full enterprise grade End of Life (EOL) policy or Liferay Sync EOL policy, as applicable.

Liferay subscribers also have access to other Liferay Enterprise Apps found on the Subscription Apps page.

If you are interested in learning more about Liferay Digital Experience Platform and receiving enterprise support, please email

Enterprise Apps

  • Help Center documentation and knowledge base
  • Liferay Help Center ticketing for Platinum and Gold Clients.
  • Worldwide Liferay Subscription Services assistance with install, launch, and recovery of App

Community Apps

  • Developer's Website
  • Liferay Community Forums and Blogs
  • 3rd Party Forums


 Labs: Any app designated as "Labs" is experimental in features and is not supported by Liferay. This status may change without notice. Labs apps allow us to accelerate the availability of useful and cutting-edge features, but these apps are not yet hardened like standard Liferay apps. Please download and use Labs apps at your own discretion.

 Final Version: Any app designated as "Final Version" will not be available for future versions of Liferay Portal.