JavaMelody Monitoring

Monitoring of a Liferay server with JavaMelody
Online demo:
To install or upgrade:

Latest Changes

Compatibility with Liferay 7.1
Fix #794 Compatibility with Google App Engine using Java 8.
Fix #779 When using JSVC to launch Tomcat, InternalError: errno: 13 error: Unable to open directory /proc/self/fd
Enhanced: added X-Frame-Options: SAMEORIGIN in the reports.

Added the Offline viewer tool for some degraded cases:

If ever you don't have access to the online reports of javamelody on the running server,
or if you want to view the reports of aggregated data for several instances of an application and you don't use the optional collect server and separated reports are not enough,
or if you want to view the reports but the server is no longer running,
or if you want some pdf reports and you have not included the iText dependency,
then the offline viewer may be for you. See doc

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