JavaMelody Monitoring

Monitoring of a Liferay server with JavaMelody
Online demo:
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Latest Changes
  • You can now contribute translations for javamelody by using a dedicated website at POEditor. You may contribute some "untranslated" labels for German and Portuguese or you may contribute new translations for Spanish, Italian or your own language. Join the translation project at
  • fix #795: Session count when using Tomcat cluster with sessions replication, after restarting one instance.
  • fix NullPointerException when getting an Oracle explain plan for a SQL request from the optional collect server.
  • fix for Prometheus integration: exclude metrics which have no sense (javamelody_log_duration_millis, javamelody_log_errors_count, javamelody_error_errors_count) and metrics for statistics which are not displayed in the reports (e1db7c5, c0f34a2)
  • fix #806 for Prometheus integration again: it was printed '<?>' instead of NaN, for 'lastValue' on Java 8 and before.

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