JavaMelody Monitoring

Monitoring of a Liferay server with JavaMelody
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Latest Changes

JavaMelody real case: Investigation of a large Liferay web site with intermittent slowdowns:
fix: when no content in the http response, MonitoringFilter should not flush buffer, since 1.78.0.
fix: Tomcat info is not available anymore since Tomcat 8.5.35 and Tomcat 9.0.13.
fix: When downloading more than 2GB, assertionError may occur.
fix: for a JSR107 jcache, the clear button and the link to cache keys are now unavaliable, when the cache was created from a CacheManager initialized by an URI.
added: monitor mongodb collections automatically, when using spring-boot-data-mongodb or when MongoDbFactory is in Spring's context.

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