JavaMelody Monitoring

Monitoring of a Liferay server with JavaMelody
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Latest Changes
  • fixed: allow JDBC monitoring in Tomcat in an OSGi environment (Liferay 7+), thanks to Adrian Rodriguez.
  • improved: If there are http or sql requests with many dynamic values like "/get/entity/10" or "select * from table where id in (123, 456)" (dynamic values in sql without binded parameters), you should already use the javamelody parameters http-transform-pattern or sql-transform-pattern, in order to limit disk IO and disk space usage for the statistics and RRD graphs. If you forget that, some RRD files will now be automatically deleted everyday at midnight to limit the disk space used by RRD files under 20 MB. You may configure that limit with the javamelody parameter max-rrd-disk-usage-mb (20 by default). And old statistics and graphs are automatically deleted like before.
  • improved: Database report on locks for Postgresql 9.2+
  • added: display sources of Tomcat's classes from stack-traces like for the webapp's dependencies
  • added: As an external API, dump of graphs values as XML or as TXT, for the choosen period or for all periods, with links to Last value, Dump XML, Dump TXT below the zoomed graphics

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