KonaKart JavaScript eCommerce Portlets

KonaKart is a Java based eCommerce shopping cart application where all functionality is available through APIs.

As can be seen from the screenshots, this app consists of a number of portlets that can be used to integrate eCommerce into your Liferay application. The content of each portlet is generated dynamically using JavaScript which communicates using JSON / AJAX APIs to a KonaKart server that provides the eCommerce services.

This app is a demonstration that allows you to see the portlets in action without needing to install KonaKart since the APIs communicate with the KonaKart demo server at http://www.konakart.com/konakart/. Documentation is available at http://www.konakart.com/kits/LiferayPortletTiles.pdf which shows how to install and configure the portlets.

If you wish to download a trial version of the KonaKart Enterprise Edition in order to install your own KonaKart server and to create your own portlets, please make this request in a mail to sales@konakart.com using your company email.

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