E-Learning application:
  • Online courses management
  • TinCan API (Experience Api) ecosystem
  • Connection with a Learning Record Store (LRS)
  • Course repository (only in the Enterprise Version)

This is a demo version that allows you to run two predefined courses that are stored in our repository so you can get an idea on how it works. After installing the app, go to Control Panel -> Explicanto Configuration -> Demo content and click on the Generate demo button. This will create a new site that contains the two predefined courses and a new user that has the right to manage courses on that site:

User: explicanto_demo_trainer@liferay.com
Password: 123456

The settings in the Configuration tab are read-only because this version is locked to your course repository and our LRS (an instance on Learning Locker). The enterprise version doesn’t require a separate course repository and allows you to use your LRS of choice.

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