LIoT - IoT Plugins for Liferay

The idea behind this project is to transform liferay in an IoT Technologies manager exploiting its core functionalities such as message bus allowing to connect it to the major streaming technologies or queues. The other crucial idea is to control a Big Data environment such as Apache Spark. From the control panel you can:

• Insert a new connection to a broker: specifying properties such as topics, or custom properties. The available brokers are:

o Mqtt

o Kafka
• Define a Broker Listener, a way to decide where data coming from broker must to be sent. At now the only broker listener is Message Bus. This means that at the beginning of your project you can connect liferay to a broker and receive directly on the MESSAGE BUS all data coming from it.

• Setup Apache Spark by loading jars, schedule jobs on the fly, or schedule jobs on events or dates.

• Use the internal API exposed by REST services to raise events (and fire spark jobs) or manage data inside the platform.

Those are few things that you can do with this plugin, but this is the starting point, we hope that with you help we can increase the functionalities and transform liferay in a IoT platform.

Tutorial video here:

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