Ziva Care Connect

Zivacare is an online platform form monitoring body parameters. You can easily track, capture or interpret different parameters like weight, height etc. This plugins allows to connect your Liferay instance to the Ziva Care Platform in order to store or retrieve parameter values and display them in different dedicated portlets:
- configuring Ziva Care web service endpoints
- connecting a Liferay site to a Ziva Care application (A demo application is available for easy plugin testing)
- synchronizing site members with the Ziva Care application in order to receive access tokens for accessing body parameter values
- connecting to and synchronizing health data streams (Fitbit, jawbone, etc) with User Status portlet.
- displaying body parameter values data using the Stream Viewer portlet
- managing body measurements with the Body portlet (not included in the tutorial below, but works similar to the Stream Viewer portlet)

A tutorial for this plugin can be found here:

For more information about Ziva Care:

Ziva Care Demo account credentials:
Email: demo@zivacare.com
Password: demozivacare2016

Don't hesitate to contact us in case you have any questions at: contact@ropardo.ro

Latest Changes
  • the Body Portlet for storing body measurements like chest or abdominal circumference
  • GlassFish and JBoss compatibility

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