Liferay MongoDB CRUD Application

Dear Liferay Portal Users,

We all know what a portal is. Portal means a set of applications placed together on one platform which will used to play with large amount of data manipulations.

Here, when it comes to large amount of data manipulations [includes fetching/searching, updating, inserting, sorting] we made to think on NoSQL databases which helps us to make fast data manipulations.

Today is an era of NoSQL, by considering this fact I made a sample Liferay + MongoDB + Spring CRUD application. Main target of this application is to help programmers to learn how they are able to communicate with MongoDB(NoSQL) using Liferay with the help of Spring Data API.

For your reference below link explained the aspects of NoSQL.
No SQL Explained:

About Application and Functionalities covered:
This is a Liferay + MongoDB CRUD application. Spring Data Template is an API which is used to communicate with MongoDB Database from Liferay.

This application has below features.
1. Insert New Record (in Collection/Table).
2 Update inserted records.
3. Delete Single/Multiple Record(s).
4. Sorting (Ascending/Descending)
5. Searching (AND search / OR search)

Database name and, host can be configured from applicationConfig.xml

To Run this Application:
You will need to make sure that the MongoDb is up and running on specified host. (The default host value I have placed is localhost). No need to create database and tables, As soon as you will run this application it will create database and table which is configured.

MongoDb Installation Steps:
Windows OS:
Linux OS:
Mac OS:

You can reach me at in case of any further queries/concerns.

Thank You,
Vishal Panchal
Skype: vishalpanchal22
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