Performance Booster Hook

Performance booster hook plugin is developed by Surekha Technologies using Ehcache which accelerates enterprise portal experience to the next level.

Content on public pages is same for all users when users are not logged in. Generating the content for public pages requires database calls and some server side processing of theme template files. Performance booster hook caches entire public page contents resulting in portal pages to load blazing fast. This helps in improving speed and performance of overall portal server too. This hook is currently configured to cache only public pages excluding private pages. The changes related to private pages will render right away. Changes for public pages will render only after cache expires, which is currently set to 10 minutes as default. The plugin can be easily extended to cache css, js and other static resources by modifying the url pattern in liferay-hook.xml.

Key Benefits :
- Easy to use
- Easy to deploy
- Performance booster
- Increase user experience
- Enhance performance of public pages
- Minimum response time

Latest Changes

Fixed miscellaneous issues

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