Layout Builder


Layout Builder is a tool or you can say a utility to make your life or Liferay a bit easy ;)
Now on wards you do not need a developer to create a layout for you. You can do it by your own and very quick too.

Layout Builder is an idea of my friend Rahul Mantri,With this you can create layout from your Liferay UI and it serves you instant.


1) Drag Icons to add Rows and Columns.
2) Drag rows to arrange your layout.
3) Context menu to delete rows and columns.
4) You can create Bootstrap layouts or normal layouts.
5) Whole layout can be reset.
6) Preview feature is available.
7) Layout War will be created on the fly.
8) Layout will be installed on the fly.
9) This porltet is available for Control Panel(Server Section) and normal pages.
10) Layout Icon will be created on the fly.
11) Portlets can be added to layout with/without border.
12) Custom classes can be added to main-content/row/column.
13) Unlimited percentage support unlike Liferay IDE where you create limited layout with percentages.
14) Resize columns like plugins sdk.

Thanks to Rahul Mantri for this idea and Bhargav Patel for UI and javascript help.

Best viewed in Google Chrome.

Rahul Mantri -
Bhargav Patel -


Hope community like it :)

Latest Changes

New version supports Liferay 7 modular approach.

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