Unused Web Content Portlet

Unused Web Content portlet was developed by XTIVIA, the 2012, 2013 & 2014 Liferay North America Partner of the Year. The Unused Web Content portlet is a control panel portlet that allows site administrators to see web content that is not used in any web content display portlets. The site administrator can take action on each piece of web content by either previewing it or moving it to the recycle bin. If the recycle bin is disabled then there will be an option to delete the web content instead. The site administrator will also be able to perform bulk actions on the web content by selecting multiple items and either expiring them or moving them to the recycle bin (delete if recycle bin is disabled).

Key Features:
• Find web content that is not being used on the site
• Expire or move web content to the recycle bin
• Preview the unused web content
• Delete web content if recycle bin is disabled

Refer to the XTIVIA blogs to get started with the Unused Web Content portlet:

Latest Changes

Hiding the portlet from the Add Applications list since this is a control panel portlet.

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