JConsole Portlet

JConsole portlet was developed by XTIVIA, the 2012, 2013 and 2014 Liferay North America Partner of the Year. It provides graphical view of local or remote JVM heap memory usage, non-heap memory usage, CPU usage, loaded classes and threads. It uses time-based polling mechanism to get chart data from the monitored MBean server, and uses Google Chart to generate real-time graphics of system resources. It also uses client storage and JMX connection pool to avoid performance bottleneck.
  • JVM heap memory chart.
  • JVM non-heap memory chart.
  • JVM cpu usage chart.
  • JVM classes chart.
  • JVM threads chart.
  • Configurable data range.
  • Configurable refresh interval.

Refer to the following resources to get started with this portlet:

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