This app provides professional reviews functionality inside liferay.
This app has 3 portlets
1.average rating portlet-Provides a average rating of all the reviews in 5 stars. The stars are color coded, with red being low, yellow being medium, and green being high. If the average rating is not a whole number, fraction star is displayed.
2. Your review portlet- Provides a portlet which you can place on top, using which a use can add/edit his review. The user can also choose to post anonymously.
3. Reviews portlet- show all the user reviews. Users avatar, his star rating, and the review text is displayed. Anonymous posts display a generic avatar and user name is hidden.

Place all of these 3 portlets in the page.
More information is here

Whenever user posts his review the entire screen changes without any browser refresh.

When a user is deciding which star rating to assign, he hovers over each star and the screen displays a message associated with it.
These messages are stored in the, and you can customize it to your liking. These are the texts
rating-help-text-1=Keep away
rating-help-text-2=Not good
rating-help-text-3=Is ok

You can also flag a review, and it uses liferay's inbuilt flagging functionality.

Latest Changes

Added code, to display the date, when the review was posted/modified, in the reviews portlet.

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