MapIt Now - Popup Template

IMPORTANT: This plugin work only if you have installed mapit now (

Mapit Now web site(examples, manual and faq):

Mapit Now configuration:

Popup Template is a plugin for MapIt Now.

To enable it after installation you have to open the "portlet configuration" and add it to the enabled plugin.

To view some popup examples you can download the Popup Template FREE version.

This plugin allows to create "custom popup template" for each asset type; these templates are visible as popup content, clicking on marker (asset icon, ..).
Template editor take all advantage of ADT framework as velocity/freemarker language, portal variables, taglib, autocomplete and other features of ADT.

  • All the "ADT editor" power and features;
  • Portal configuration to create new custom popup template and to assign default popup to asset;
  • Site configuration to assign different popups to one site asset.
Latest Changes
  • api improvement

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