Whiteboard app is a collaborative real-time tool for Liferay sites, which enables users to share a discussion board where they can create sketches together. Users just need to navigate to the page where app is installed to start to see the board and interact with it.

The app consist of a portlet which integrates innovative technologies for intuitive graphical user interface in javascript and asynchronous communication ("real-time"). It uses fabrics.js for build whiteboard canvas and tools, and it uses Atmosphere Framework in client and server side, to manage the asynchronous communication mechanism. The first protocol which portlet tries to use is web sockets, however this depends on the browser and the application container (server) where the app is installed.

This application has been tested in these Liferay bundles:
Tomcat 7
Glassfish 3.1
JBoss AS 7.1

And in these browsers:
Firefox 25+
Safari 6.1.3
Chrome 34

Currently, Whiteboard app works with web sockets if the server is Tomcat 7 for almost all browsers. If it is running in a JBoss AS 7.1 or Glassfish 3.1 Whiteboard app works but using pooling-streaming mechanism.

Latest Changes

New feature: Help page.

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