Weather Time and date Portlet

Topic : Weather Date and Time Wizard

This app provides a visual indication of weather as well as time-zone across different location based on preferences.
By default,Bangalore location weather and Asia/Calcutta(Time zone) specific date and time is set.

Preference Settings :

1. Location code : Go through Location Code table to select specific Location. Click on required location and the location code will automatically populated into the text box. For more information check attached image 3.

2. Time Zone : Select time-zone from the combo box.

3. Metric : Select temperature either in celsius or fahrenheit from the combo box.

4. Hours : Select hours either in 12 or 24 hours from the combo box.

This portlet has been tested and working fine in below mentioned browsers and Liferay Version:

Browsers :

Internet Explorer 8,9 and above version (PC)
FireFox 3.5 (PC)
Google Chrome 3.0 (PC)

References Link :

Icon from :

Latest Changes

Issue : It's not work if the description of location has space ! Please fix it .

Code updated to fix this bug.

And also supporting EE.

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