CMS Inline Editing Hook

The CMS Inline Edit Hook provides Liferay with inline editing capabilities for journal articles inside Web Content Display portlet, which makes it even more comfortable to use Liferay as CMS.

Inline editing itself works almost the same as for blog entries: Editable articles are highlighted with a dashed green border and clicking them directly opens up CKEditor. This only works for articles with the default structure.

To suit the needs of a CMS team and make editing as easy as possible, some save logic has been added as well. While editing an article it is saved automatically as a draft, so no changes can be lost. To make this approach work, Web Content Display portlet has also been extended to render the latest draft, if there is one and the user has editing permissions. When finished, the changes can be saved by clicking the save button in CKEditor. This either publishes the draft or starts the connected publishing workflow.

The hook also supports multi-language articles. Inline editing only affects the content in the current display language or the default language, if there is no translation yet.

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