Web content Create Date Hook

  • Labs: This app is experimental and not supported by the developer.

Some time we are having requirement that we need to upload the web content with some back date. For example one of our news based portals we were required to have an option that, user can change the create date of web content at the time of uploading.
We are going to use the Service hook. We are going to hook
We will use the expando bridge to get the latest created date from the user.
Create 2 custom fields as shown in the snap shots. The field name could be createDate(Date) and changeCreateDate(Boolean).
Else you can change the name and update them in the portlet.properties file.
##Specify the name of field specified in the custom fields..
1. Field to check if the user want to change the create date of a journal article or not (Boolean type)
override.change.create.date.field.name = changeCreateDate
2. Field to be scanned for the create date as set by the user (Date type)
create.date.field.name = createDate
These 2 fields will decide whether to update the create date or not.

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