ETL process manager

This portlet gives you a maximum of flexibility for managing, scheduling and executing ETL processes in Liferay. (ETL = Extract Transform Load)

  • Processes can be designed in Talend Open Studio, exported and imported into Liferay.
  • Take benefit from all the components from Talend.
  • Manage your processes in Liferay.
  • View output logs directly.
[IMPORTANT] Minimum requirements:
  • Only tested with MySQL.
  • Increase the download size in or the download of the application could fail. (Example: dl.file.max.size=30072000)
Example of usage:
  • Import users into Liferay from CSV file located on FTP server.
  • Export data and send results by e-mail every night.
  • Synchronize data on external database (or webservice) every day.
  • Generate PDF reports from Liferay database and publish them on FTP server.
  • ...

Find ETL examples to test the application:
(Contribute by sending us your ETL processes!!)

Latest Changes

Regression correction with talend package case management

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