Category import/export Utility

  • Category import/export utility
  • How to use ?
You can access this functionality from control-panel (Site Administration Section) as well as from the any page of liferay portal just adding this component on the page. The core functionality of this component is to import/export category.
  • 1) Export Functionality :
i) Just clicking Export button export functionality work. it generate XML file, which contain vocabulary/category structure.

II)Generated file contain vocabulary/category data withing the scope of current group only in parent/child manner.

  • 2) Import Functionality :
i) Import functionality import vocabulary/category based on given XML file, which contain vocabulary/category structure.

ii) This functionality need xml file as a input.Using Browse button you can select xml file from your local file system. Then you just need to click Import button.

iii) Import functionality import data within the current group scope only in parent/child manner.

  • Advantages
1) It's help to reduce your time setup New environment. for example you need same categories structure in QA from DEV. (Think about you have thousand of category)

2) User can do easily backup and restore of categories tree structure.

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