Workflow Selection by Web Content Structure Type

This portlet allows assignment of different Liferay workflows to individual Web Content Structures. This functionality was requested in LPS-13617.


This portlet is only active/visible if installed on a Liferay instance with a workflow engine such as the jBPM or Kaleo Workflow Engine..

When viewing the Workflow Configuration for a specific community/site, you will see that the "Web Content" asset type is now in the "configurable in their respective portlets" section.

You will also find a new portlet "Web Content Workflow Configuration" below Workflow Configuration in the Content section of the Control Panel in 6.1, or in the Content section of the Site Administration area in Control Panel in 6.2.

This portlet allows the administrator to select specific Workflows for each structure type available to the site (either in the site itself or in the global scope).

Plugin Security

This plugin comes with the PACL Security Manager disabled.
However the list of PACL requirements to run this plugin in secure mode is available (commented out) in WEB-INF/ You can uncomment those entries to run the plugin in PACL secure mode.

About Permeance:

Permeance is a Liferay Platinum Partner servicing Australia and New Zealand.
Permeance received the Liferay Community Excellence Award in 2012 and 2013 for our contributions to Liferay 6.1 and 6.2 testing; promoting Liferay in our region and our participation in general across the Liferay community.

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